ROUND 2 LOGO WARS - The Forney Prospects win $100 for being #SafeAtHome


The second round of our #communitybaseball promotion to raise money for PPE in the communities of our parnters concluded today with the Forney Prospects winning the promotion and securing the second $100 donation of the April Logo Wars. Find out how your team can win a $250 Donation!


 2nd Place - Peachtree Ridge Lions

3rd - Bentley Bulldogs (Round 1 winner)

4th - Warrenville Cyclones

5th - Red Hawks

6th - Highlanders and Vikings


Thank you to every partner team that supported the #GetUsPPE FUNdraiser with round 2 of logo wars. 




Beginning Thursday April 16th 2020 - Concluding April 30th 2020 @ 11:59PMEST

WINNER - the winner whom has accumulated the most points during the contest will be declared the winner and awarded a $250 donation to their program.

1 POINT - Each Share of any promotional post on Bush League FUNdraising page promoting this contest will be awarded 1 point.

2 POINT - Any Social Spirit Wear Apparel sold during the contest period will be awarded 2 points.

3 POINT -  Any (un)disc2overed product apparel or recruiting will be awarded 3 points

4 Points - Any #SafeAtHome item to include a non-medical neck gaiter or #safeathome tee

Standings will be updated on Bush League FUNdraising Facebook Page and via email three times a week. 

Teams do not need to have a social spirit store to quality. Sales will be considered final at 12:00 EST 5/1/2020.

The team that has accumulated the most points during the duration of round three of Logo Wars will be awarded a $250 donation to their program. 


WIN AN ADDITIONAL $50 - Share your favorite #SafeAtHome video or post with your players with Bush Legague FUNdraising and be entered to win a $50 donation to your program. Just tag @bushleagueFundraising in your Facebook posts to be entered. You do not need to be a participating Bush League FUNdraising partner to qualify for the $50 donation. Bush League FUNdraising will pick the best promotion of #safeathome and make a $50 donation to their program. 

Do you want your own Bush League FUNdraising store? Email us today for your no-risk fully functional Social Spirit Store that FUNdraises for your community.