#FUNdraising FAQ's


1. What is Social Spirit? Social Spirit is a unique blend of technology, marketing support, and experience that changes the FUNdaising experience for your team and fans. Everyday your fans spend time on social media sharing their experience within your organization. They catch every hit, goal, point, and win. They see the fun moments with little brothers and sisters. The see the moments that make your organization special. AND they use social media to share!

2. What is FUNdraising? 5 years ago, FUNdraising was simple. You found a few good products from good companies, or you came up with a good raffle or two and you sent your players into the world to sell and collect sponsorships. You'd collect the money and order forms and place the appropriate orders. Then, when the product came in you and your team became customer service organizations to make a few bucks. 

Because of the growth of a super powerful tool called the internet that can automate your FUNdraising experience and use the moments of fun within your organization to engage not only your parents and fans but casually supporters in your community and around the world. 

FUNdraising creates an amazing e-commerce store for your organization. This store come complete with amazing products from some of the worlds finest vendors to give your fans the apparel, training equipment, hard goods, and on-line content that they need as your athlete grows.

AND THE BEST PART? Every purchase FUNdraises for your team!

3. So how does this work? It's really simple. Go over here to this page


and fill out a few pieces of information and drop us a vector file of your logo. 

If your logo doesn't require any work, we will get to building you an amazing e-commerce platform. It's the same technology used by some of the biggest companies in the world and you will have access to every piece that you want!

Once you upload your information one of our coaches will contact you within 24 hours and within 7 days we will publish an e-commerce store for your team. 

Then, we will use a social media platform, usually facebook, to use the power of internet marketing to help let your fans know about your custom Fanwear site. We will share the amazing deals, vendors, and products that they can buy that benefit your team!

4. How do we earn? That's even easier! All you have to do is like and share through your network our amazing products and point people to your fanwear store. All they need to do is purchase some of our amazing products and BOOM your team earns. On the 15th of the following month we will send you a donation check with your net profits included from your sales! All you have to do is engage and buy a few items and then enjoy looking amazing at the game. 

5. How much does this cost us? It's free for our basic package that any amateur sports organization can use. From there, we may have some costs as you add in elements to your program. If you want athlete sign ups, or the ability to sell tickets or raffle tickets online through your store - we can do that! 

One thing we learned in 20 years of running sports organizations is that apparel fundraising takes INVENTORY. We allow you to eliminate inventory completely to use your cash flow to grow your organization!

But, if you need a simple FUNdraising tool that helps your team, it's completely FREE!


6. What do I get with my package? The base package gives you a fully functional fanwear store completely populated with amazing products that you and your fans will love. In addition, we create amazing relationships with quality vendors to bring special products in your store all year long. We give your team branded and unbranded designs that appeal to any fan so you can appeal to a broad base of customers for your fundraising engine. We provide you with a social media page, typically facebook, that we will operate and use our amazing marketing technology and ad strategy to help advertise your program and amazing products to your fans. We help you develop email marketing solutions and much much more. 

7. Our volunteers don't have time for another fundraiser? Well, you are in luck! With our program, you don't need a ton of volunteer involvement because we do all the work!


That's right! We Design, We Print, We Ship, and We Market. Your fans get to cheer and your coaches get to coach! plus we are so confident that you will love us, we are sure your will use us to help facilitate all your FUNDraisers. Image an automated system that sells, communicates, and thanks your fans all year long for support your team. 

8. How is shipping handled? All of our products are custom made for your customer at the time of order. All of our vendors handle dropshipping directly to your customer. There is a small fee for shipping based on some of the products ordered. However, every item ships directly to the buyer! All items ship within 10 days of order (with current COVID restrictions) and we handle all the feedback and customer complaints.

9. Can we design new items or looks? YES! WE have one of the best sports designers in the world, the amazing Double D. He will work with you to create the looks that your team needs 12 months a year. Plus, we drop new designs all the time to make sure your look is fresh, all season long.

Have a special event? Won a championship? Need a special look? WE GOT YOU! All you have to do is reach out to your dedicated FUNDraising coach and he will hook you up with whatever you need. We can rush items to your team and put items for sale on your site... anything that helps build #socialspirit!

10. How much can we make? It's really up to you! If your team is passionate and engaged on line, the sky is the limit. Every month we offer additional contests and awards that can make your donations even bigger! The average team generates about $200/month. 

11. What if we don't like your services? No problem! You'll license us your logo to open your store, but that's the only commitment to #socialspirit and FUNdraising that you have! If you want to quit, send us notification and we will turn your store off! 

12. Who are your partners? We work with some amazing brands. Our parent company Bush League Tees is a leader in sports apparel providing fun and innovative designs and products that focus on baseball. Bush League provides all of the apparel products through a unique international network of apparel providers that meet our quality specifications to support your team. Stick & Ball TV, a leader in OTT baseball training and a partner to Bush League FUNdraising. Each store gets special access and pricing to S&B products and services. Jeff Moyer Coaching & Recruiting, Coach Moyer is considered one of the finest baseball coaches and recruiters in the country. A member of the Florida Gators National Runner-Up Team, Jeff has coached and played baseball at a number of college levels. Coach Moyer provides amazing coaching and recruiting support for athletes and coaches of all type. (un)disc2overed by Cam Coursey, Cam is a former college walk on who went on to be one of the most productive college baseball players of all time. Now, Cam plays for the Arizona Diamondbacks and shares his experience as he tries to make it to the Big Leagues. Cam provides amazing training apparel and content for any athlete that refuses to be told no! Barnwood Sports Design, hanging in the National Baseball Hall of Fame the amazing artwork of Barnwood Sports is available to your community. Amazing wood craftsmenship that represents one of the greatest games in the world. Exclusively sold in your #communityFUNdraising store. Dove Tail Bats, the bat of NY Met Pete Alonso is sold in your FUNdraising store. Buy quality wood baseball bats and training equipment from Maine based Dove Tail Bats. Major League wood that FUNdraises for your team. 


Every month we add more amazing partnerships, pay attention and get in the #League. 

13. What happens on a return? Don't worry! We have that covered too! Your organization has no obligation to correct service mistakes or issues. Our return policy is pretty liberal, we understand and want your fans to have an easy FUNdraising experience. We ask them to complete a simple form HERE.

Once that has been done, our amazing customer service team steps in to do the rest. We will work, on your behalf with any involved vendors and make sure your product helps your team. There's NEVER a risk for your organization!

 14. Who are you? Our founder has been around youth sports for over 25 years. In that time, he was directly involved in the creation of four different youth sports organizations. As a former corporate strategist in logistics for a Satellite Communications company, Jake was responsible for building logistics solutions for some of the worlds biggest companies. As Jake was building logistics networks and running youth sports organizations he realized that meaningful technology wasn't available to help volunteers build meaningful organizations. 

Over the years, Jake has created a number of different fundraising programs and has used almost FUNdraising product out there. From cookies and laundry soap to goal cards and vehicle raffles Jake has helped do almost anything to make money for his community. 

Jake set out to build the best youth sports FUNdraising solution around. Join Jake as he teaches you how to change your organization from one that raises money to one that FUNdraises!


Check this blog out for more information:



Data shows that reaching your donors in time of need AND in time of triumph helps increase your fundraising support by over 60%, let us build a solution that handles annual fundraising all year long to increase your engagement. 


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 GOING TO COOPERSTOWN? we have an amazing partnership program with Barnwood Sports Design that's special for Cooperstown bound teams. Reach out to us to find out how you can have a specially design Cooperstown experience and earn a FREE Barnwood Sports Design Custom Home Plate.