License Agreement

I hereby authorize The Rocket Fuel Solution, Rocket Fuel Consulting, dba Bush League Tees, dba Bush League Fundraising, dba to use all provided and approved artwork, logos, images, propriatary fonts, or other copywritten or trademarked materials. I authorize this full use of the protected media assets of our organziation to Rocket Fuel and associated companies, partners, and/or providors.I fully authorize RocketFuel and associated business the use of my assets and logos for promotion of FanWear products and promotions. Further, I hereby license Rocket Fuel and associated companies to represent us as an approved and authorized marketing partner and sales agent. I agree and understand that Rocket Fuel will provide monthly payment to us after the 15th of the month.I understand that a donation will not be provided unless monthly gross sales exceed $100. Donation will be based on contracted net profit share amount as determined and selected above. I agree to release Rocket Fuel and associated brands and partners of any liability as a result of the social spirit experience. Please provide a 30 day written notice to vacate this agreement. Agreement is valid for a period of 365 days. Agreement auto renews after 365 days.